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Mother Says She Is Proud That Her 15-Year-Old “Transgender Son” is Going Through Menopause

If nothing else, the transgender hysteria has accomplished at least one positive thing -- it has exposed the lunacy of the people who have completely lost their minds and embraced a worldview that says boys can be girls and girls can be boys.

Boy With ‘No Brain’ Continues to Defy Expectations After Parents Refused Abortion Five Times

An eight-year-old born with spina bifida and only 2% of his brain has joined the weekly #ClapForOurCarers event as he continues his remarkable progress.

Five-Year-Old Girl Alive Today Because Mother Cancels Abortion After Reading Pro-Life Article

The mother of a five-year-old girl has revealed how her daughter is alive today because she decided not to have an abortion...

World’s Second Most Premature Twins Given Zero Chance of Survival Are Now Thriving

Premature twins given zero chance of survival are now thriving and should be able to join their parents and big sister at...

Illegal DIY Abortion Service Launched in Ireland by Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Provider

Abortion provider BPAS, which is largely funded by the taxpayer in England and Wales, has launched an illegal ‘DIY’ abortion service in Northern Ireland.  

Graphic: Police Knock in Door of Private Residence Looking for Gatherings of People

The British police kicked in the door of a private resident's home looking for social gatherings of people who weren't following the...

Prominent Evangelicals Sign Statement Decrying Media Reporting Chinese Wet Markets as “Unsafe”

Nothing screams social justice warrior more than than the coalition of Evangelical virtue-signalers who continue to endlessly harp on the false narrative...

Vatican Praises China For Their “Humanitarian Initiative” During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Let's just be clear, the blood of thousands upon thousands of people is on the hands of the Chinese Communist regime right...

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Amid Abortion, Black Pastor Says “We’ve Lost the Right to Be Outraged” Over KKK Lynchings

There is no humanitarian crisis in the world more horrific than the abortion holocaust taking place in...

Law and Order Easily Restored in Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP “Autonomous Zone”

As we've watched the systemic escalation of immaturity and childish behavior take over one of Seattle's neighborhoods...

BLM Activist Assaults Black Man For Tearing Down BLM Signs, Threatens Kids

Black Lives Matter is clearly not about black lives. If it were, you wouldn't see stuff like...

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