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Ed Dingess


What Does Jesus Think About Heretics?

In this episode, I rant about the Bible’s emphasis on the existence of, warnings regarding, and condemnation of false teachers and false prophets. Why...

Whiteness: Another RED Herring

Before I make my remarks regarding the issue of “whiteness” I want to remind you of God’s description of the human race to a person: There...

Church and Culture: The Apostasy of The PCA Membership

In this podcast, I rant about theological, philosophical, apologetical, ecclesiological, and political issues from a distinctively Reformed perspective.

NY Times: A God Problem? No Problem

The NY Times recently published an article written by Professor of Philosophy, Peter Atterton, about God’s existence. Atterton begins his article with his conclusion:...

Thabiti Anyabwile, The Heretic

Heresy, or heretic, are not words that I generally drop lightly these days. I used to, but one thing I've learned over the years...

Reparations, Grace, and Forgiveness

This episode deals with the irreconcilable differences between the modern concept of African American slavery reparations and the Christian doctrines of divine grace and...

Recovering the True Christian Church For Its Mission

Christ Himself is the Foundation of the Church When one surveys the history of Christianity and compares that history with the original teachings of Christianity,...

Reparations: An Unjust Idea Wholly Lacking Grace and Forgiveness

In this episode I offer up a very frank rant about the idea of reparations and whether or not such an idea can co-exist...

SBC Successfully Convincing Evangelicals to Embrace LGBT Special Rights

In a recent sermon entitled, How the Fall Affects Us All, SBC President and pastor of the Summit Church in Raleigh, NC, J.D. Greear told...

Would Jesus Be A Democrat?


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