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David Platt Joins Notorious Heretic, Todd White, and Azusa Now Leaders for Conference in 2022



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Earlier this month, Reformation Charlotte reported that David Platt, pastor of the once-thriving-but-now-failing because of his obsession with race and social justice, McLean Bible Church in the D.C. area, is joining with the founders of the “gay Christian” conference to advance more social justice ideas in the Church. In that conference is Revoice founder, Preston Sprinkle, lesbian Jackie Hill Perry, and denier of the existence of Hell, Chris Date.

We later reported that David Platt would not only be joining these false teachers, but he would also be joining Louie Giglio’s Passion 2022 featuring several false teachers and rank heretics from the Word of Faith and prosperity gospel charismatic movement, including Christine Caine, a female pastor who was raised up out of the heretical Hillsong movement

That conference will feature several musicians out of Robert Morris’ prosperity gospel church, Gateway Church, including Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe–Jobe is known for sexualizing her relationship with Christ through her music as well as teaching dangerous, false theology.

The conference will also feature Jackie Hill Perry, a lesbian who raps and gives graphic details about her sexual encounters with other women. And also in the line-up is Levi Lusko, a Steven Furtick clone who preaches a twisted prosperity gospel and reads himself into the text. Lusko is the pastor of a church called Skull Church; its logo is a skull and the church seems to be extremely obsessed with death.

And, of course, Loui Giglio himself will be there as he is the founder and host of the conference. Giglio is a proponent of a popular heresy among charismatic false teachers known as little-god theology–the belief that we as humans carry within us the potential to become God, or divine, like God.

Now, it has been discovered that David Platt isn’t stopping there–he will also be joining arguably the worse charismatic false prophet conference of the year. In February, David Platt will be joining false prophets from the Kansas City prophet movement.

The SEND, which features false prophets like Todd White, Lou Engle, Mike Bickle, and various others out of the IHOPKC movement and other aberrant charismatic movements, claims that the movement was born out of the Azusa movement in 2011 when:

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“the Lord spoke to the leaders of The Call through a group of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) missionaries that a shift was coming that would give birth to a new sending movement, as a beginning fulfillment to their years of prayer and fasting.”

So, David Platt will be preaching at a conference that was born out of the grossly blasphemous and heretical Azusa movement and believes it received extra-biblical revelation from God for its foundation.


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