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TGC’s ‘Best Movies of 2021’ Include Abortion and Sex Propaganda, Children Smoking Pot, and R-Rated Blasphemy



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It should go without saying that The Gospel Coalition (TGC) has absolutely nothing to do with the gospel or any other biblical teaching or exhortation. The Gospel Coalition is nothing more than an outlet for the carnal consumption of worldly influence into the Church by compromised Evangelicals who are bound together by their propensity toward embracing the culture. It is, in fact, The Gospel-less Coalition.

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) Best Movies of 2021 Chart
Graphic by @ForGloryOrg – added to article updated 12/29/21

So it should come as no surprise, then, that TGC’s Best Movies of 2021 list is filled with movies including underage sexual and abortion propaganda, R-rated films filled with blasphemous foul language.

The list, which was composed by Brett McCracken, includes movies like Pig starring Nicolas Cage. According to Common Sense Media, a site devoted to reviewing and rating movies, Pig is filled with swear words repeatedly dropping the f-bomb, the mf-bomb, and several other swear words. The movie also depicts underage children smoking marijuana. However, McCracken describes it as “the surprise, subversive, grace-soaked film of 2021.”

Another movie McCracken recommends is C’mon C’mon, which he describes as “a film that captures so well the unique terror, confusion, exhaustion, and joy of 21st-century parenting.” According to Common Sense Media, the movie is filled with nearly every cuss word known to man including slang terms for male genitals. The movie also includes a scene with a young child discussing abortion as if it were not a big deal.

Other movies on TGC’s list include The Killing of Two Lovers, which isn’t reviewed on Common Sense Media but, according to IMDB, is rated R for language. A PG-13 movie (which means almost nothing anymore) named CODA that features swearing, people smoking pot, and excessive drinking according to Common Sense Media.

The Card Counter, which is number 4 on TGC’s list, is also directed at children. But according to Common Sense Media, it includes excessive levels of foul language, sex, drug use, and violence. The “positive” categories are rated relatively low.

McCracken, however, describes the movie as “steeped in theology and Christian ideas like atonement, forgiveness, love, and reconciliation.” Funny kids can’t get that message from Scripture, sound preaching, and good, solid theological works. Apparently, we have to turn to the foul-mouthed graphic sex-filled pagan entertainment industry to get our theology.

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Several of these movies and other movies not mentioned here contain other graphic scenes including the glorification of violence, drugs and alcohol, and blasphemous foul language. But it should go without argument that the sexual and nude scenes in these movies are not meant for the eyes of Christians. To argue that these movies are the “most excellent, memorable, thoughtful, theologically interesting, and redemptive releases of the year” is biblical ignorance. The gospel is not rated R.


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