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Southeastern Seminary Professor Puts Foot in Her Mouth After Exposing Unwillingness to Vote Republican



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Karen Swallow Prior, a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and former professor at Liberty University, who is still a resident of Virginia, put her metaphorical foot in her mouth and ended up with egg on her face after she tweeted out that she voted for DJ Jordan, a former House candidate for Virginia’s District 31.

Although Jordan was not running for office during this election cycle, Swallow Prior–a sworn enemy of all things Donald Trump–could not pull herself together long enough to cast a vote for someone Donald Trump endorsed, Glenn Youngkin.

Swallow Prior has branded herself as an anti-Trump moderate and has described herself as a feminist. Swallow Prior neck-deep into the “woke church” movement which is a baptized rebranding of the secular Marxist Critical Race Theory–an ideology of indoctrination in public institutions that Glenn Youngkin campaigned against.

Jordan, on the other hand, rebuked Swallow Prior by answering a question posed by one of her followers, “DJ is great, but why not Glenn Youngkin?” Jordan’s response: “Good question, I voted for Youngkin!!” Jordan’s response completely invalidated Swallow Prior’s virtue signaling and relegated it to the idiocy that it is.


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