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Large Canadian Town Withholds Marriage From Unvaccinated Population



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In the current climate of tyranny and government overreach, it truly isn’t unexpected that the world’s leaders would force people out of their homes, out of their jobs, and withhold food and day-to-day basic needs from people. It is, in effect, how tyrants force their will upon the masses.

Yet, historically, even the most tortured of the enslaved peasants were still allowed to marry.

But one Canadian town is taking tyranny to a new level and withholding the right to marry from couples who are not fully vaccinated. The Town of Oakville in Ontario, Canada–a sizeable city of over 211 thousand people–will not even allow a couple to apply for a marriage license unless they both can show proof of full vaccination.

According to the town’s website, the town acknowledges that its requirements exceed that of the Province of Ontario and cite ” an effort to provide added protection to our community and town staff from COVID-19″ as its reasoning behind the move.

Of course, this tramples one’s right to practice their religion freely, particularly for Christians. But marriage is more than simply a Christian practice, it’s a Creation ordinance, and the right to marry falls under natural law. This is perhaps one of the most wicked mandates ever put in place by tyrants.

And, of course, they don’t care.


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