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Bethel Pastor Claims God Miraculously Restored Virginity to Thousands of Girls



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Reformation Charlotte has written extensively on the evils of Bethel Church and the charismatic false prophecy movement of the New Apostolic Reformation. Bethel Church is a demonic counterfeit church designed to draw people away from God through the snare of music and the lure of ear-tickling charismata.

Bethel Church is known for is also known for its promotions of miraculous “healings” and various other performances of false signs and wonders. Both of its top pastors have been covered extensively at Reformation Charlotte for blasphemous things they have said or done. Bill Johnson is the lead pastor of the notorious false church known as Bethel Church in Redding, California. Johnson made number 26 in our ongoing False Teacher of the Day series.

Bethel regularly partakes in cultish practices such as grave-sucking, whereby someone will lay on the grave of a dead person to “suck” the anointing out of them. The church displays false manifestations of the Holy Spirit which they call “glory clouds” and have proven to be nothing more than glitter in the ventilation system. In 2019, the church spent several days trying to raise a child from the dead rather than comforting the mother and pointing her to Christ–which ultimately revealed the sickness of the charismatic movement and its abhorrence of good, biblical theology.

The other top pastor at Bethel, whom we’ve covered extensively, is Kris Vallotton. Vallotton has made a number of dubious claims over the years, ranging from being able to lay hands on a car to heal it to making creepy jokes about his grandson’s wife. But perhaps nothing could be creepier than a statement he made that was recently published on his social media page–and subsequently removed–claiming that he’s seen thousands of girls have their virginity miraculously restored, even having their hymens miraculously healed.

While the entire clip sequence here is creepy, most of it here is actually true if listened to in context. While the jokes and innuendos are unnecessary and unbecoming for a pastor leading a church, there is, at least, a grain of truth to what he’s saying. But in the last clip, where he claims that God miraculously restored virginity to all of these girls, it is simply absurd. There is no context in which a statement like that could be true.

First off, even if these girls’ hymens were healed, that is not the measure of virginity. Virginity is whether or not a person has ever engaged in sexual intercourse. No matter the physical state of your body afterward, the act of sexual intercourse forever removes your virginity. That is not something that can be undone nor is there a single passage anywhere in Scripture to suggest that God would do such a thing.

Engaging in intercourse outside of a biblical marriage is sin–and while God can and will forgive the sin, the act has still been committed and the temporal consequences of the sin may still exist. His statement isn’t just dumb, it’s blasphemous. He is telling all of these people that the Holy Spirit did something that he did not do. We should pray that Vallotton repents of his blasphemy.

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