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John MacArthur: The World Fears COVID Because They Fear Judgment



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The Bible tells us that those who are not in Christ are tormented like slaves by the fear of death and judgment (Hebrews 2:15), but it also tells us that those who are in Christ have received the spirit of adoption, not the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear (Romans 8:15)

There are a lot of people running around today who are scared to death of the coronavirus and living in irrational fear. Despite the fact that the virus has a greater than 99 percent recovery rate, people would rather hide in their homes and become slaves of the nanny state as opposed to continuing to live their lives normally. Many of these people are professing Christians; David French comes to mind.

John MacArthur compares the irrational fear of COVID to the fear of the coming judgment of God. People are afraid to die because they are afraid of God’s wrath, even if they openly deny it.


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