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Woke Brooklyn Pastor Praises Karl Marx During Sermon on “Racial Realism”



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We already know that there are far too many people masquerading as shepherds of God’s people who have been given over to the cult of social justice. Cloaking their false gospel in a bit of biblical language and baptizing it with the fire of Hell, they’ve led many, many people away from the saving grace of God into a life and death of perpetual guilt and endless penance.

But what we don’t normally see are pastors who outright admit they’re Marxists and give praise to Marx during a … wait for it … a sermon. That is if you want to call it a sermon.

“Pastor” Andrew Wilkes, who founded a church in Brooklyn recently did just this. In the second video clip below, you’ll see him give his shout-out to Marx.

“Count it all joy when people persecute you and question your motives and question your faith and say you’re more inspired by Marx than you’re inspired by the Messiah–even though there ain’t nothing wrong with Marx–the Messiah calls us to justice.”


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