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NAR “Apostle” Says Jesus Told Him They’re “Always Drunk” in Heaven



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The New Apostolic Reformation, also known as the NAR, is a loosely affiliated association of apostates who believe that they receive direct, divine revelation straight from the throne of God.

Of course, they do not. And their so-called revelations are always absurd and almost always contradictory to Scripture. One example of this is a “prophet” named Jenna Winston–who said she was delivered by Jesus from a life of drugs and alcohol when Jesus supposedly climbed up in the bed with her at a psychiatric hospital and played with her hair.

Now, another of the latest examples is a self-described prophet named Georg Karl who says he was sitting in a room talking face-to-face with Jesus–who was apparently in a drunken stupor–when he asked Jesus if he was drunk. Jesus’ reply, according to Karl, was “yes, we’re always drunk in Heaven.”

Karl is, according to his bio, the “apostolic leader of Glory Life Network of churches.”


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