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False Teacher of the Day #32: Beth Moore



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While Reformation Charlotte has virtually exhausted itself covering her, any False Teacher of the Day series would be incomplete without at least a summary of Beth Moore and her false teachings. After all, she is arguably the most popular false teacher in Evangelical circles. This is why we believe it is necessary to put her in the series.

If you’ve paid any attention to the trajectory of Beth Moore over the last several years, you would notice a clear picture of apostasy being painted before your eyes. It’s not that Beth Moore hasn’t been a false teacher since she started teaching falsely years ago–discerning Christians have been pounding that case for years. But it is abundantly clear that Beth Moore has little regard for the actual doctrines of Scripture and is in this to suit her own passions and desires.

Beth Moore started out in the early 1990s primarily as a women’s Bible-study teacher. Beth Moore had no formal seminary training, yet, LifeWay–the Southern Baptist publishing arm–began selling her materials not because she was a doctrinally sound, solid Bible teacher, but because she was becoming popular and she was making them money.

Nonetheless, Moore stayed under the public radar of scrutiny for many years but began making headlines when she claimed to receive a vision from God where God specifically told her that Roman Catholicism is one of God’s true Christian denominations and that he desires unity among the various denominations, including Catholicism.

Beth Moore has taken a number of controversial positions which place her squarely in the realm of heresy. She insists God told her not to witness to a man at an airport, and instead, shuffle through his luggage to find a hairbrush so she could brush his hair.

She also insisted that God told her in a dream to go to a bus stop she’d never been to before, find a random woman, and give her money.

Yet, in one of the rare situations where Beth Moore actually wrote something biblically sound and true — a clear position on the sinfulness of homosexuality — she later retracts the statement and insists that she’s “exceeded Scripture” and then said that by writing that, she was “doing more harm than good.”

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Beth Moore consistently contradicts Scripture–she does so because she knows that the way she says things will be popular with her gullible audiences. One example of this is by arguing that people are inherently good and are “born with a drive to seek God.” Beth Moore makes a strange comparison of man to search engines. Comparing Adam to the creation of the “very first search engine,” Moore asserts that people are “born with a drive to seek out the things that are of God.”

What Beth Moore fails to acknowledge, though, is that we are not born with a drive to seek out the things of God. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. We are born in a state of rebellion against God, with a sin nature. Romans 3:11 says “no one understands; no one seeks for God.”

She also pits Scripture against other Scripture and tries to force them to contradict each other. In one example, she pits the words of the Apostle Paul against the words of Jesus.

The context of Moore’s assertion is that, somehow, Jesus was okay with women preachers but Paul wasn’t; therefore, she is going to obey Jesus instead. Of course, this is absurd and anyone with a modicum of biblical understanding of the inspiration of the Scriptures knows that the words written by Paul are the words of Jesus himself.

Reformation Charlotte made a prediction–not to be confused with a prophecy–that now that has left the Southern Baptist Convention, her true colors would be exposed and that Beth Moore would eventually openly embrace rebellious things including full-on egalitarianism and even, at some point, homosexuality.


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