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Tim Keller’s Three Errors on Evolution That You Need to Know



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by Tom Hill

Timothy Keller: Evolutionist?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!” –Scott, Sir Walter. Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17

Poor Eve. She never knew what hit her. It all sounded so right. The serpent asked a simple question: “Did God say…?”

When Eve answered affirmatively, satan diverted her from truth by questioning God’s goodness, and, by contrast, promising her his own version of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Eve blindly followed the evil one’s web of deceit.

This evil dynamic echoes throughout history. It deceives many by the variety of untruths that infiltrate the professing Christian community.

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For example, Dr. Timothy Keller’s article, “Creation, Evolution and Christian Laypeople” parallels it. (source)

Keller’s Pattern

Keller began with an unstated but implied question: “Does one have to reject God to believe in evolution?” Keller said, “No.” (source)

Keller states that many possible ways exist which removes the alleged incompatibility between orthodox belief in creation and evolution. (source) In the balance of the article, Dr. Keller proposes ways that will cause these barriers “to fade away.”

Faulty Presupposition #1: Infallibility of Science

Tim Keller grants infallibility to science when he accepts “scientific” conclusions re: evolution without proof.

Scientists have yet to prove it.

Evolutionists fail to apply their own scientific methods to validate their theories: e.g., the lack of first-hand evidence of evolution and the absence of the repetition of its alleged occurrences.

Faulty Presupposition #2: Foundation of Proper Basic Beliefs

Keller accepted the theories of science, which he elevated to the primary foundation for the development of his truth claims re: creation and evolution. Dr. Keller seeks to force Biblical interpretation to conform to “settled science.” He failed to accept the Bible as the one, true foundation upon which to build all other beliefs and values.

He built his conclusions of creation upon the shifting sands of “science” instead of the Bible.

Faulty Presupposition #3: The Fallibility Of Scripture

Tim Keller’s article refers to a “high view of scripture.” What does that mean? Does that mean the Bible ranks with classical literature and does not provide God inspired moral guidance? Does it mean that we alter the texts of the Bible that do not conform to cultural demands?

Dr. Keller failed to define its meaning. He never affirmed the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, or the Holy Spirit’s role in the writing of scripture. He disputes important passages of the Bible to explain his positions. (source)

Need of Revival

The Church of Jesus Christ faces enormous pressures. Outside the Church, unbelievers reject the Bible and Christianity and assault the Church’s beliefs. Within the Church, professing believers forsake holiness, refuse serious Bible study, and defy obedience to Biblical imperatives. These errors contribute to the spiritual decline of the Church.


The Body of Christ desperately needs revival. Dr. Keller’s article contributes to this decline. The Church must take steps to set the sails to catch the winds of revival.

Note: This article is by Tom Hill and is republished here with permission. You can follow his channel at this link.


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