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Pastor Preaches We Need to Make Church Compelling While Cracking Marijuana Jokes



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While most bad church practices in Evangelicalism come, hang around for a while, and are ultimately pushed out of the mainstream in favor of something else new, the seeker-sensitive church movement is one of the longest-running church heresies in modern times. The movement seeks to entice people to come to church by making church “fun” and “exciting.”

In the case of David Crank, pastor of Faith Church, the enticement comes by making church “compelling.” What is Crank’s version of compelling? According to a sermon he preached recently, it’s cracking weed jokes and making church into a comedy club.

While most seeker-sensitive churches don’t actually admit that they take it that far–though most of them do actually take it that far–Crank has no problem admitting that his church is nothing more than a comedy club. In Crank’s mind, Christ isn’t enough; people need a better reason to come to church.

The entire seeker-sensitive movement is based on the assumption that church is for unbelievers and the preaching of the Word is insufficient to save people.

Watch this nonsense below:


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