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Irish Introduce Bill to Mandate Pain Relief Meds to Unborn Babies Before Murdering Them



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In what can only be described as a sick joke, eleven members of the Irish Parliament have introduced legislation that would require unborn children to be administered pain relief medication before murdering and extracting them from the womb.

The abortion industry, no matter which side you’re on, is nothing more than a machine that depends on the continuance of abortion for money. While Carol Nolan, a member of Parliament who introduced this legislation stands and acts emotionally during her speech championing this horrible piece of legislation, the pro-life community cheers as though this is a victory.

Well, at least they’re going to die comfortably!

Stop kidding yourself!

This is no victory and God is judging the nations before our eyes. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood and God hates those who profit off the shedding of innocent blood–that includes pro-life groups that push for useless legislation like this. And God will judge this woman for introducing this legislation rather than using her power to do everything she can to STOP the evil among this nation.


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