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Contemporary Worship Goes Against The ‘Reverence And Awe’ Of God, Theologian Says



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CHRISTIANITY DAILY — A Presbyterian pastor in Florida criticized the contemporary style of Christian worship, saying that it does not give God the “reverence and awe” that He deserves during church services.

In his speech, titled “Reformed Doxology: Worship According to Scripture,” during the Gospel Reformation Network conference last week, David McWilliams, discussed about the importance of “scriptural worship” which truly honors God. McWilliams is the senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Lakeland.

Citing Hebrews 12:18-29, the pastor pointed out that God should be worshiped “with reverence and awe.”

“We long for a Holy Spirit-induced relish for the truth, a delight in the triune God, a heart moved promptly and sincerely by God’s glory in our private and public worship,” McWilliams said, captured by The Christian Post (CP).

He further stated that casual attitudes, carnality, some kinds of music and vocabulary hinder the appropriate way of worshipping God.



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