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Beth Moore Mocks Al Mohler on Mother’s Day Just Weeks After Mother Passes



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Beth Moore–who recently followed race hustler, Dwight McKissic “off the bus” of the Southern Baptist Convention–is on a mission to destroy the biblical view of gender and sexuality. Moore, who mocks biblical patriarchy and male headship of the church and home, has made it her personal calling to seek and deliver women from the gripping hands of male headship everywhere.

Beth Moore has been met with growing pushback from conservatives in the denomination. So much that even Al Mohler, who has been sidelined on the issue for years, has issued statements on the matter clarifying not only the biblical doctrine on the practice of women preaching, but the denomination’s official policy.

This prompted a mocking response from Beth Moore who responded to Mohler with “Happy Mother’s Day, Al,” only two months after Mohler’s mother passed away.


The amount of condescension from this evil woman is actually harrowing–she revels in it. She delights in her own lust for attention that she prostitutes out on social media, daily. She is the blind leading the blind and the blind are being led right off a cliff to their own destruction.


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