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Vogue Magazine Says Having Babies is “Environmental Vandalism,” and “Selfish”



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While leftism is synonymous with the death and destruction of humanity, the growing disdain for humanity and assault on human life has gained steam exponentially in recent years. With rapid expanses in access to abortion death camps, the enactment of Democrat policies allowing abortions up to birth in many states, it’s almost amazing that progressives continue to reproduce at any level.

Leftist thought in congruent with Proverbs 8:36, “all who hate me love death.” This is why leftist policies always increase death–no matter how hard they try to disguise this fact. Just look at Chicago; why do you think they don’t address the gun violence in that city? Chicago is closing in on 200 murders already in 2021–they love that people are killing each other off in the streets. They hate people.

This is why foolish people like Nell Frizzell can get away with writing claptrap like Is Having A Baby In 2021 Pure Environmental Vandalism? in Vogue Magazine, and then suggest that doing so anyway is selfish–all in the name of “saving the planet.”

These people, according to the Word of God, have denied God to his face and turned the world, the creation, into the object of their worship and adoration as opposed to the Creator Himself (Romans 1:25). Instead of believing in God’s providence while obeying his command to “be fruitful and multiply” while being good stewards of God’s creation, Frizzell suggests, instead, that obeying God is selfish and destructive to the planet.

She asks,

Is having a child an act of environmental vandalism or an investment in the future? Is it possible to live an ecologically responsible life while adding yet another person to our overstretched planet? Can I get away with it if I just never learn to drive, never get a dog and keep wearing the same three pairs of jeans for the rest of my life?

Of course, we already know the answers to her rhetorical questions–we need not even read further to find out what she’s going to say. We know what the left wants–it’s why they’ve kept us locked up in our homes for the past year while blaming it on the pandemic.

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However, she does answer her own questions, and it’s just as you’d imagine.

Before I got pregnant, I worried feverishly about the strain on the earth’s resources that another Western child would add. The food he ate, the nappies he wore, the electricity he would use; before he’d even started sitting up, my child would have already contributed far more to climate change than his counterpart in, say, Kerala or South Sudan.

Notice the assault primarily on Western civilization here. She continues,

But I also worried about the sort of world that I would bring my child into – where we have perhaps just another 60 harvests left before our overworked soil gives out and we are running out of fresh water. Could I really have a baby, knowing that by the time he was my father’s age, he may be living on a dry and barren earth?

Of course, this is junk science and there is absolutely no actual evidence that our soil cannot continue to produce food and sustain life–and we certainly aren’t running out of water. This type of irrational fear only runs rampant in the minds of those who have place their trust in humanity rather than the God who created humanity for His good purpose. This kind of fear burns in the hearts of those who are tormented day and night by the fear of their own death (Hebrews 2:14-15).

And yet, like millions of others, I did it anyway. I had a baby. I’d have another if my partner agreed. Is that because I am selfish, myopic or greedy? Did I simply learn to compartmentalise my thinking, choose to listen to the arguments that supported what I wanted to do anyway, or ignore what was right in front of my face? Perhaps.

For Frizzell, the selfishness of having more children is just par for the course–she knows humanity is not going to stop having children despite the fact that–she believes–it will destroy the planet. Therefore, her solution is to become more like third-world countries in Africa.


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It is very sad to see the popular opinion that life on earth will continue as it always was. History shows God has intervened several times and will do soon again very soon, the present world population is 7900 million and soaring. All attempts at birth control have failed. The globalists want to force the total population down to a manageable 500 million or so which is insane. http://ldolphin.org/popdecrease.html


And all 7 billion people could fit into Texas with room to spare. Poverty isn’t a population problem, its a corrupt government problem.


I just looked her up, she’s your stereotypical homely feminist that probably couldn’t get a man to save her life. Mad at the world. I know this isn’t a Christian thing to say, but its the truth.

[…] Vogue Magazine Says Having Babies is “Environmental Vandalism,” and “Selfish” […]

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