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God Hates America, a Modern-Day Sodom and Gomorrah



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Today, I was startled by an article that caught my attention over at The Federalist titled Illinois Bill Would Force Health Insurers To Buy Babies For Gay And Single People. To be honest, none of this stuff should surprise anyone anymore. America has completely embraced a revolutionary sexual ethic that far surpasses even the worst descriptions of sexual anarchy in the Bible. Yet, every time I think humanity couldn’t sink any deeper into the muck and mire of its own depravity, I’m reminded that godlessness has no bottom.

The article describes a piece of legislation on the table in Illinois that would redefine what it means to be infertile. Rather than rewrite it, I’ll just quote what the author of the article said:

The inability to conceive and carry a pregnancy seems to be on the rise for couples in the Western world, due to the rise in the age at which they seek to conceive and for other known and unknown reasons. But also on the rise is the number of gay couples and single women who wish to conceive, and even though they are not technically infertile, they would like insurance companies to think they are.

America is facing is certainly facing an epidemic right now–and that epidemic is the wrath of God that is being revealed from Heaven and poured out in judgment over every square inch of this nation right now. Romans 1 describes a society that is so depraved that its punishment for sin is the actual sin itself.

America owns this. America has embraced more types of sexual perversions–from homosexuality to transgenderism, transvestism and drag queens, even bestiality and pedophilia–than could ever be imagined during the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. There are more letters to tack on to the end of “LGBTQ+++” than were even conceivable during those times. Yet, back then, God rained down fire and brimstone to destroy those cities.

Today, as America adorns herself in rainbow colors with enormous pride, God turns nations over to their sin–and that judgment is far worse than death. We can clearly see by God’s actions that God hates America.

Largely, we have the Church to blame for this epidemic as she sits idly by, avoiding confrontation in the name of “living peaceably” among others, weltering in the deadly silence while false teachers like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren have the loudest voices among us. In the meantime, we have the leaders of our so-called “conservative” wings of Evangelicalism embracing a softening tone on homosexuality and calling on Christians to stand up for LGBTQ rights.

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Apostate denominations like the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church USA have openly embraced homosexuality and replaced biblical orthodoxy with queer theory. They’ve ordained homosexuals, transgenders, and every other type of sexual aberrant into the ministry and they parade these perverts around like badges of honor.

Yet, America continues to revel in its hatred of God as so-called conservatives serve up meaningless platitudes while refusing to take a strong stance on that which God hates the most–homosexuality, abortion, and a refusal to worship Him.

Yes, Jeremiah Wright was right when he said “God damn America!” but it wasn’t for the same reason. God hates him too. America may not be a racist nation, but it’s had its bout with racism. By the grace of God, that was cleaned up despite the protest of professional victims like “Reverend” Talbert Swan and “Rev” Kyle J. Howard If anything, reverse racism has now taken root. But it’s clear that America is under the judgment of God and at this point, the Church needs to reckon with this dire state we’re in and learn how to survive in it.

We much must preach the gospel to our deaths–it is our only hope!


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A good starting date for accepting these sexual sins is 1967 when the Supreme Court outlawed States prohibiting the sin of interracial marriages, which God condemns: https://tcallenco.blogspot.com/2018/04/does-god-abhor-or-approve-miscegenation.html


You missed the whole point of God’s message. God created for Himself a people to serve and honor Him and be a witness to the world. In order for the world to see the favor of God on His people, His people needed to be separate. They needed to worship Him and Him only. They needed to celebrate Him with exclusive feasts and festivals. They needed to cleanse themselves with sacrifices and participate in rituals and rites. They were to be altogether different from the surrounding cultures that did not know God. When you know God intimately, you should be different. That’s the point. God did not want His… Read more »


You miss the point. The divides discussed in the article were made on the basis of race and not religion. Do you really believe that Gods wants us to destroy the races that He created, which seems to be the result of your argument? In any event, your argument does show that God is a segregationist.


Did you know Jesus was not a pure Jew? He has the blood of the Moabite Ruth in his veins yet He is called “blessed forever”. How can this be if God’s plan forced races to separate based on race? It doesn’t. Ruth was a Moabite but she became a woman of faith and because of that she was allowed to be redeemed by Boaz. She was immortalized for being a descendent of Jesus and having a book named after her. Why would God allow this if His primary interest was separation by race? How could God’s Son, the Savior… Read more »


Ruth was a Moabite. However, she was a Moabite by residence — not by race. Ruth lived in the country of Moab and was, therefore, a Moabite. However, she was not racially a Moabite. Moab had absorbed much of Reuben, so she may have been a Reubenite. Mexico can be used to illustrate this phenomenon. Both Aryans and Turanian Indians live in Mexico. Both are called Mexicans, but they differ racially. Ruth was racially the same as Boaz. https://tcallenco.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-bible-segregation-and-miscegenation.html


I could not agree more with every word of this piece.
Sadly, America is just the latest great society in history to enjoy manifest blessings from God until it grew sated and fat with its idols, lusts, and pride. Almighty God, being just, is rewarding evil as He has done throughout millennia.
Sucks to be us.

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