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Veggie Tales Creator, Phil Vischer, Says Christians Shouldn’t Oppose Transgenderism



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Phil Vischer, who is best known for creating the Christian-themed-but-filled-with-bad-doctrine children’s cartoon series, Veggie Tales, has made a new name for himself among the rising Evangelical Beast of Revelation known as the Woke Church. Vischer, who wonders if Latino people who vote Republican are actually just white people in disguise, has been a staunch advocate for Christians trading in their moral compass and embracing leftist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politics all in the name of wokeness.

And While Vischer has been openly promoting progressive Democrats, identity politics, and Critical Race Theory–going even so far as to say that white people who put their kids in good schools are wicked and racist–it wasn’t until recently that he began to openly question the historic, biblical doctrine of sexual morality.

In a recent Twitter rant, Vischer cries foul on churches who actually discipline members who are in open, sexual rebellion against God’s created order and chastises churches who would dare not accept these people among the ranks of their churches. Despite the Scriptures clear call to purge the sexually immoral from among us because sexual immorality defiles the Church, Vischer, instead, complains that churches must “get rid of this mentality.”

Of course, Vischer’s reasoning lies not in the Scriptures or God’s commands for purity in the Church–none of that matters. What matters, according to Vischer’s doctrine of demons, is the personal experience of these people. It’s not that that the sexual revolution wants to defile the Church–did God really say?–no, it’s just that these people want to be “loved.”

Vischer continues, explaining how these sexual rebels–who he describes as children of God–were wrongly purged from the ranks of the Church by “us.”

This is what happens when the church, largely influenced by the effeminate mentality of the progressive left and carried out through the indoctrination of Evangelical seminaries. We end up with a professing Church filled with Phil Vischers, JD Greears, and Beth Moores.


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