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Tim Keller Says Biblical Moral Values Cannot Be Proven to Be True



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Tim Keller has long been heralded as one of the most profound thought leaders in Reformed Christianity. An author of several books and a popular speaker in the Evangelical speaking circuit, Keller has been silently creeping his way in under a facade of a defender of the Christian faith all the while attempting to destroy it from within.

Tim Keller is a prime example of trading historical Christian thought and represents a wave of postmodern thinking that has so infected the Church. Works of the Puritans and the Reformers and works of the early Church fathers — these collect dust on the bookshelves as many have given them a backseat to the influx of the nuanced and noncontroversial.

Yet, Keller, adds very little to the treasury of knowledge we have about our God and I would actually argue that his contributions have caused more harm than good. In fact, through Tim Keller, the postmodern mindset has become a normal way of thinking and teaching in churches and seminaries.

From his denial of the Biblical account of creation to his obsession with social justice to his fascination with Eastern mysticism and contemplative prayer, Keller has revealed himself as one who doesn’t actually take the Scriptures seriously and rejects the notion that objective truth comes from God.

Keller, who ironically believes we have an objective moral duty to advocate for such things as racial justice, now insists that moral values cannot be proven to be true.

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Now, for the Christian who understands that apart from God, one’s entire worldview can only be reduced to absurdity, one then has to relent to the fact that only a belief in God who is capable of revealing Himself in the way the Scriptures do can we make sense of anything–including morality. From a secular perspective, absolutely nothing can be proven to be true, including morality, yet, the secular don’t live that way.

What Keller is saying is patently opposed to the Scriptures which say that we do know and can prove morality because God has revealed it to us.

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For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse –Romans 1:20

It cannot be any clearer. Tim Keller denies the Biblical truth about God once again and, like it says in Romans 1:25, he has exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worships the Creation–in this case, his own intellect–rather than God.

We’ve been warning you about Tim Keller for years, yet, here he is, once again, making a mockery of Christianity while being heralded as one of the great Christian theologians of today. Why is that? Ask yourself.


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This is what happens when we who have been trained for ministry are told, “you have to make the message RELEVANT”, and in trying to do so you destroy the very message one is trying to communicate.
We are not called to be relevant but REVELATORY, Jesus was not relevant to the society he was in, but relevant to God’s original intent BY REVEALING GOD.


I have been edified and encouraged by Tim Keller for many years. He seems now to be trapped in dead orthodoxy. This is curable if he starts speaking about Jesus Christ and eternal realities. He advocated a return to Christianity before Constantine awhile back but has apparently stayed stuck in the old dying paradigm. Either Jesus Christ is alive and well or He is not? Whose universe are we living in as houseguests? Ldolphin.org


Further comments re TK.


Preach Christ and Him crucified

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