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Marvel Destroys Legacy by Making Captain America a Flaming Homosexual



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As we dive deeper and deeper into the never-ending cesspool of sexual anarchy, the things we loved about our childhood are being destroyed, little by little, by the sexual revolution. Just last month, the nearly century-old classic toy-maker, Hasbro, announced that the classic Mister Potato Head would no longer be a “Mister” as new productions of the toy would ship as a “gender-neutral” Potato Head.

California is seeking to eliminate separate boys’ and girls’ sections in toy stores and another classic toy-maker, Mattell, now makes a “gender-neutral” doll that kids can dress up as they “choose.” Disney is turning classic cartoon characters into lesbians and appeasing the LGBTQ mafia by depicting over-sexualized bisexual children.

Now, the comic company, Marvel, has announced the destruction of the classic superhero, Captain America, by making turning him into an effeminate, flaming queer.

The Guardian reports that Aaron Fisher, a gay teenager who “stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten” is to become the first LGBTQ+ character to “take on the mantle of Captain America” as the company celebrates its 80th anniversary. His debut is planned to coincide with “pride month” which is June, 2021.

This isn’t the first time Marvel has ruined their line-up of classic superheros. Last year, Marvel announced that Hulkling and Wiccan of the Young Avengers were gay and getting married. Disgusting! And the original creator of Iceman, Stan Lee, would sure stand to be proud that his creation came out as a flaming queer in 2015, and in 2012, Northstar married another dude. But as far back as 2002, two male DC superheroes, Apollo and Midnighter, were “married.”

We just can’t have nice things. Because of the sick perversion and mob nature of radical sexual anarchists, sane people are being bullied and forced into submission. Nobody, literally nobody, wants to watch two gay cartoon men kiss and hold hands. It’s sick and only a small portion of the population are attracted to this. But so long as they can bully companies into normalizing this behavior, these sick people who love this stuff can deaden their own conscience against the laws of God and nature without consequence.


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