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SBC Pastor Says it’s “Spiritual Cancer” That White Christians Believe Biden Election Was Illegitimate



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Facts. Evidence. Proof. None of this matters to the left when they can say with a straight face that, despite the unassailable and undeniable proof that states broke not only their own laws, but federal laws, Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election “fair and square.”

“Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.” –Proverbs 25:26

Like sorority girls at a college frat party dancing naked on the second floor while drunk on the sweat of brainless lechers–most of whom couldn’t pass a basic anatomy class–completely oblivious to the smoke creeping up the stairs from the blazing fire started by potheads who dropped their blunt on the couch and couldn’t find it; this is what it looks like to normal people when Evangelical leftists criticize those who are able to see the fire those leftists started.

Among those sorority girls is Southern Baptist pastor, Thabiti Anyabwile, better known to the discernment camp as Ron Burns, his birth name prior to changing it to self-identify with the Islamic Black Nationalist movement.

Anyabwile took to Twitter to out his frustration with all the “white evangelicals” who take issue with a dishonest presidential election. It’s a “spiritual cancer,” he says that “white evangelical leader cannot continue to deny, ignore, or minimize.”

In typical mindless sorority girl fashion, Anyabwile has perfected the art of virtue-twerking as he denounces QAnon and other extremist right-wing movements while ignoring the fact that it wasn’t QAnon that spent the last year burning down American cities and terrorizing innocent civilians in their homes–it was leftists, egged on by the rhetoric of people just like himself.

What the real “spiritual cancer” is is the influx of leftist thought that lacks any semblance of logic, rationality, and biblical conservatism. Anyabwile couldn’t reason himself out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office if she was standing outside the door, three miles away from an active shooter, screaming “get out of there, I almost died.” Yet, his smug rhetoric and poison he feeds the Church through his implicit–and explicit–racism and hatred of white people have infected far more churches and caused far more damage to the body than this so-called “white evangelicalism”–which is simply his term for a conservative, biblical worldview regardless of skin color. By labeling conservatism “white,” Anyabwile has figured out that he can attach racist motives to it, and therefore, he can justify attacking the conservative, biblical political and theological ideology that he hates.

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