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Gay CNN Host Says Church Needs to Re-Evaluate Beliefs on Homosexuality Because God is Okay With It



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Responding to a statement put out by the Catholic Church that the Church would not be blessing same-sex unions because God cannot bless sin, gay CNN host, Don Lemon has a meltdown and claims that the Church needs to re-evaluate its beliefs on homosexuality because “that’s not what God is about.”

Let’s be clear, there is plenty for the Roman Catholic Church to re-evaluate in the way of its teachings and beliefs. The Roman Catholic Church’s gospel is antithetical to the true saving and sufficient grace of God taught in Scripture. The Roman Catholic Church practices idolatry, which is forbidden in Scripture. And the Roman Catholic Church’s system of sacraments that forbids marriage among the clergy and places its followers into a lifetime of bondage to works is outright blasphemous. But the Roman Catholic Church’s official teachings on morality–such as homosexuality and abortion–are rooted in the correct belief that God’s law is just and right and man is obligated to obey it.

Lemon, however, has another take when he went on the view to spread his dangerous religious beliefs on air.


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