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My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell, Leads Stadium Full of People in Weird “Pillow Prayer”



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Founder and CEO of the right-wing favorite My Pillow company, Mike Lindell, is a peculiar figure in right-wing politics. While politically-speaking, this author would find himself in agreement with most of his positions, though his religious abnormalities are too much for the eye to behold.

Mike Lindell’s testimony of coming to Christ is rather wacky, actually. For Lindell was on the streets as a crack addict while preaching the gospel to other people. He says that while he had a nominal Christian faith, he had not surrendered to Christ–yet, those he preached the gospel to would be converted. He says he was later fully converted at a Christian retreat after arguing with a woman over his faith. He gave up drugs and founded the My Pillow company.

Since then, Lindell has been caught up in the wacky charismatic movement. Lindell claims he’s had recurring prophetic dreams about Donald Trump being president and, despite the fact that Trump is not still in office, Lindell still hangs on to these so-called “prophecies.”

At a recent rally, Mike Lindell held a My Pillow prayer event where he sent people home with “prayer pillows” and prayed a pillow prayer with them. Lindell’s faith–this should not be construed as a judgment whether or not it is genuine–appears to be bound by the constraints of the political realm. It appears, in fact, that it’s his politics that informs his faith rather than his faith that informs his politics. the show was quite odd, to say the least.


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