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Southern Baptist Convention to “Decide” Whether to Sever Ties With Gay-Affirming SBC Church



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A Southern Baptist church in the Metro Atlanta area is facing the possibility of disfellowshipping for accepting homosexuals as members in good standing into their congregation. Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw, GA is pastored by Jim Conrad who has led the congregation for 27 years.

The church began accepting unrepentant homosexuals a while back when Conrad said that two sodomites approached him with their boys and asked him if they’d be “welcomed” in their church. Instead of giving them the gospel and speaking the truth in love to them, Conrad decided to affirm them in their sin and lead them on a path straight to Hell.

“I had to pause because I had never been asked that question before, and I had been taught as a Southern Baptist my whole life, and I said ‘yes.’ You never tell someone ‘no, you’re not welcome,’” Conrad told CBS 46.

According to CBS 46, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Credentials Committee must meet on February 23 before making a recommendation to the Executive Committee for disfellowshipping the church. It is not known why it takes a meeting to decide whether or not an apostate church should be disfellowshipped.

The SBC Executive Committee offered the following statement:

The Credentials Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention does not publicly discuss any submissions they receive unless and until they make a recommendation to the full Executive Committee for disfellowship and the Executive Committee chooses to act on that recommendation. The next report of the Credentials Committee is scheduled for the upcoming Executive Committee meeting on February 23.


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[…] this month, it came to light that the Southern Baptist Executive Committee had finally decided to take up the case and […]

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