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ERLC “Pro-Life” Speaker Says Women Who Choose Abortion Deserve “Quality Care”



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The Southern Baptist Convention’s notorious rogue entity, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) should have been defunded and abolished years ago. Yet, the entity, led by Russell Moore, continues to advance a progressive agenda from every front.

Reformation Charlotte, along with other conservative Christian outlets, has been calling on Southern Baptists to remove the liberal Democrat from office and for churches to stop funding his leftist causes for years. Russell Moore is one of the heads of the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), a front group for the George Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) which calls for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. The fact that the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission head, Russell Moore, has never had to explain his association with George Soros is telling of the direction the denomination has gone.

The ERLC is now primarily an outlet to propagandize semi-conservative pew-sitters with left-wing politics. And they are now redefining the pro-life movement to do so.

The progressives at the ERLC and the Southern Baptist Convention have already redefined “pro-life” to include a watered-down stance on abortion and a pro-social justice view on various left-wing pet causes such as slave reparations , the death penalty, animal rights, and illegal immigration.

Now, Russell Moore has invited a so-called “pro-life” advocate, Denise Harle, who also serves on the legal counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, to speak at the hijacked Evangelicals for Life March — which coincides with the annual March for Life on January 28 — who says that women who choose abortion deserve quality and competent care.

In an article penned at The Advocate arguing for laws requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges, Harle writes, “women seeking abortions deserve the same competent and quality care as I’ve had through my two pregnancies.” She continues, “Women don’t give up that right when they choose abortion. We all deserve qualified medical services. Everyone — whatever their view on abortion — should agree with that.”

Of course, anyone who is actually pro-life from a biblical perspective could not actually come to this conclusion. The reality is that women who choose abortion — and those who advocate for it, practice it, or tolerate it — deserve nothing but death (Romans 1:32).

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Let this sink in: for a Christian — at least, one who claims to be a Christian — to argue for safe, competent, and quality abortions is absurd. This is nothing more than the continued liberal drift in the Southern Baptist Convention being tolerated by the Church.


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