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In Odd Comparison to Left-Handers Woke Group Says Solution to Racism is “White-Handed” People



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It’s difficult to come up with a headline that gleans everything stupid that you’re about to see in the following clip. Robert Morris, an Emergent church leader attempts to explain that the same way the sports world was designed for right-handed people, society in America is designed for white people.

“It’s very unfair for us [left-handers] to go into a sports store to try + buy a baseball glove,” Matt Crouch of TBN says.

Robert Morris, pastor of Gateway Church then responds, “the solution could come from the right-handed people working with the left-handed people.”

Crouch replies, “or the white-handed people.”

Of course, this comparison is absurd on its front. It is true that in sports, left-handed people require different gear to accommodate them. But to imply that black people, in society, need different accommodations from white people simply based on the color of their skin is not only absurd, it’s racist.

There is no system in America that is designed against black people and for white people. The problem is these people never name one single policy or law that hinders non-white people in society. They can’t because there aren’t any. There is no hindrance for black people to achieve the same results in higher education — in fact, it’s the opposite.


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