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Southern Baptist Pastor Suggests White People Should Have Been Shot Dead for Breaching Capitol Building


Woke Church author and Southern Baptist pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia suggested yesterday that all the “white people” who breached the Capitol Building in D.C. yesterday deserved the “kill shot.”

Of course, what he’s saying is demonstrably false. Leftists, including blacks, violently rioted for months as police stood down watching them burn down businesses and homes, snatch people out of their seats while dining, and rip cities across the nation apart at the seams. Nonetheless, projection is a skill perfected by the left.

Mason, a proponent of Critical Race Theory and a racist has repeatedly blamed the social ills of blacks on white people. In another post on Twitter, Eric Mason blames white people for the mass abortion rate in the black community. Nevermind the culture of promiscuity, rampant fornication, fatherlessness, and drug abuse that exists — these are all white people’s fault too, apparently — let’s blame white people, instead of our own sin nature and rebellion against God.

Sadly, Mason is a slave to his skin color and like so many, have not been able to find the underground railroad to freedom despite repeated gospel calls to come out of that harlot.

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