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Southern Baptist Pastor Believes There Were Female Apostles in the Bible



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Whenever you see a pastor that is given over to the social justice movement, you will see a pastor who is severely theologically compromised.

That is the case with prominent Southern Baptist pastor, Dwight McKissic. McKissic, a Marxist and socialist, is a charismatic tongue-speaker who rejects the Bible’s teachings on, among other things, the role of men and women in the Church and family.

McKissic recently “agreed” with a post on social media that promotes the false teaching that certain women in Scripture were given roles that conservative Christianity traditionally does not give to women. These include female pastors, teachers, deacons, and, apostles. In this tweet below, someone writes, “Junia the *outstanding* APOSTLE, Phoebe the DEACON, Priscilla the TEACHER, Mary the DISCIPLE. Once you’ve seen these names in the Bible you can’t unsee them.” To this, Dwight McKissic “agrees.”

Besides the fact that Junia has historically and traditionally been believed to be a male, some of the more liberal translations such as the NRSV have wrongfully translated the name to reflect a feminine figure. But the evidence overwhelmingly supports that Junia — or Junias — was a male. But even if the person named were to be a female, it is clear from the context that Paul is not ascribing an authoritative role to this person such as the twelve Apostles.

Dwight McKissic is a racist, anti-gospel charismatic tongue-babbling black nationalist who masquerades as a shepherd of God’s people and has done more to harm the body of Christ than possibly any other Southern Baptist pastor in history. McKissic has regularly traded the gospel and the mission of the Church for social activism, called for slave reparations, and repeatedly maligned true defenders of the faith as “racists” and “white supremacists.”

Not only has McKissic stated that the founders of the Southern Baptist Convention were not saved because they were slave-holders and that their history must be eradicated, he now argues that voting for pro-abortion Democrats is no different than voting for Republicans who want to “place children in cages.”

McKissic’s insistence on not only contradicting the Scripture’s teachings on the role of women in the Church, abortion, and even the purity of the gospel itself, but also the Baptist Faith and Message — the document which all Southern Baptist Churches must uphold and agree to — should land McKissic a place outside of the denomination and into a completely apostate denomination such as the United Methodist Church or PCUSA.

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