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Orlando Holocaust Museum Mocks Actual Holocaust With George Floyd Exhibit


If you know anything about the actual holocaust perpetrated by one of the most evil men in all of history, you know that the memory of that horrific time is no matter of scorn to be topped by little else other than the abortion holocaust of today. Yet, in typical leftist fashion, history is to be re-written and words are to be redefined.

As leftists try to redefine the modern holocaust of abortion by redefining “pro-life” to mean social justice activism, they are also attempting to re-write the history of the holocaust to include the deaths of black Americans who police legitimately attempted to defend themselves against — like George Floyd.

A holocaust museum in Florida, the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center in Orlando, has — rightly so — sparked controversy after it included a George Floyd exhibit. Floyd, a man who overdosed on illegal substances while fighting police during an arrest, has been heralded as some kind of martyr of “black liberation” along with dozens of others who, in the vast majority of cases, practically committed police-assisted suicide with their actions.

To compare these thugs to the innocence of those men, women, and children horrifically treated during the holocaust is to commit treason against logic and reason. It defies common sense. Yet, the cult of George Floyd has steadily gained a larger and larger following and has caused untold hardships and even deaths against even more innocent people.

Nonetheless, this is their idol and they will worship him. Watch.

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