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Southern Baptist Pastor Says Voting for Pro-Abortion Candidate No Different Than Voting to Put Kids in Cages



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Dwight McKissic, a racist, anti-gospel charismatic tongue-babbling black nationalist who masquerades as a shepherd of God’s people has done more to harm the body of Christ than possibly any other Southern Baptist pastor in history. McKissic, a Marxist and a socialist egalitarian, has regularly traded the gospel and the mission of the Church for social activism, called for slave reparations, and repeatedly maligned true defenders of the faith as “racists” and “white supremacists.”

Not only has McKissic stated that the founders of the Southern Baptist Convention were not saved because they were slave-holders and that their history must be eradicated, he now argues that voting for pro-abortion Democrats is no different than voting for Republicans who want to “place children in cages.”

Voting Democratic for the pro-life believer, in no more a vote for abortion, than voting Republican for the pro-life believer is not a vote for placing children in cages at the border, & separating children from their mothers. Pro-life voters ought to seek common ground.

Besides the fact that this argument is completely stupid and empty-headed, it’s simply not true. First, it is a fact that the Democrat Obama-Biden administration is the one who actually built these “cages” and started the program. Secondly, when people break laws, they must face the consequences of these laws. If parents commit other crimes, they are separated from their children. It’s how the system works. It’s not always easy, but the only ones to blame are the ones who committed the crimes — not Republicans.

On the other hand, Democrats not only refuse to put an end to the mass murder of innocent children, they want to expand it. There is no doubt that if Democrats could get away with it, there would be no age limit on killing unwanted children — born or unborn. The Scriptures are clear; those who hate God love death. Apparently, Dwight McKissic falls into that category.

Dwight McKissic is a notable proponent of Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, and identity politics, and expressed his gratitude for the leadership of FBC Naples last year for throwing their church members who voted against a black pastor under the bus and publicly charging them with racism. It turned out that the congregation simply did not want to introduce “woke” theology into their congregation and simply wanted the Scriptures to be rightly handled by their lead pastor. McKissic’s only purpose in the Church is to lead people to prophets of Baal in the Democrat party.


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