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Man Dressed as a Woman Tricks Women into Voting Him as President of Republican Women’s Group


If you think the Republican party has the best interest of mankind at heart, think again. There is no argument that the Democrat party has completely gone off the rails and has sold their soul completely to Satan himself. But today’s Republican party is only a few steps behind.

While there are still some good and decent people left in the GOP, much of the party has been given over to RINOs and no longer serve the interests of conservatives.

This is especially true in California where a man, a cross-dresser who acts and dresses like a woman, has now — seriously, get this — has now been elected, by women, to be the president of the Republican Women Federated group.

Gina Roberts, a male, has run for school board in Valley Center. Thankfully, he lost. Who in their right mind wants a deranged psychopath who can’t even figure out what sex they are to govern the schools of their children? According to Menlo College political science professor Melissa Michelson, Roberts is likely the first “trans” Republican to ever win office in the United States — or possibly the second.

The women who voted for this sociopath seriously ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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