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“Kill Christ And Burn His House Down,” Ubisoft Says



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Ubisoft, publishers of the upcoming video game Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla releases tomorrow. Today, Rock Paper Shotgun, a popular gaming news website, has posted a review of the game one day prior to its release, as is typical of the gaming community. In it, Alice Bell, a writer for Rock Paper Shotgun, writes:

I think running towards an abbey with terrible purpose, yelling “KILL CHRIST! AND BURN HIS HOUSE DOWN!”, is the energy a lot of people want right now.

Oh, dear friends, if ever there were a spirit of antichrist among us, it would be now.

You can view the entire article from Rock Paper Shotgun here:


This is slanderous and a terrible sign of the times in our country, and indeed, our world. Alice’s use of quotes seems to imply that this is a voice over within the video game that players can expect to hear (and perhaps have their characters say) during gameplay. Ubisoft is the same company which recently removed the voiceover work of an in-game journalist for their video game, Watch Dogs: Legion, for offending members of the transgender community. You can read all about that here:


Apparently offending 31.2% of the population is fine, but offending 1% of the population is not okay. I pray that all of you reading this will vote with your wallets in letting Ubisoft know that encouraging players to  “kill Christ and burn His house down” is NOT okay.


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