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Roy Cooper Teamed Up With Chinese Communist to Extract Blood from RNC Attendees



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According to a letter written to Roy Cooper by one of his Chinese Communist allies, John “Gaorong” Wei, the Communist allies urged Cooper to extract blood from people who planned to attend the RNC which was slated to be held in Charlotte, NC earlier this year. Part of the letter reads,

“Before performing laboratory testing, we can mix blood or swabs collected from 10, or 20, or even 100 people and test them together. During the test, if a group is negative, we can give the whole Groups of people issue passes to work. If a certain group of samples are tested positive, all the people in this group are notified to come back for an individual test. Only when a certain group of samples are positive, an individual test is required. In this way, we It can test millions of people in just a few days (driver’s license can be the ID of a pass), effectively screening out virus carriers.”

The following is reported by the National File:

NATIONAL FILE — A key ally and appointee of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, with close ties to Communist Chinese officials and influence groups, advised the Governor to extract blood from all 50,000 of the 2020 RNC’s planned attendees before allowing President Trump’s nomination to take place in Charlotte.

This astonishing revelation was recently disclosed to National File in a copy of a letter written by John “Gaorong” Wei (who also goes by the name of Lao Wei) addressed to Governor Cooper and North Carolina DHHS head Mandy Cohen.

Wei’s plan, discovered on a Chinese language website, called for the blood of all 50,000 RNC delegates to be drawn and mixed together in groups of up to 100 before being tested for COVID-19. If the blood of any group members triggered a positive test, the entire group would be quarantined and barred from the convention.

The plan could even be used on citizens statewide Wei wrote, telling the Governor that using group blood samples to determine who would be allowed to return to work would “speed up our North Carolina Phase III reopening.”

Read the shocking letter below or follow this LINK 

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