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After Spending a Year Trashing President, Russell Moore Says Insecure People Engage in Twitter Disputes


President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore — who spent an entire year in 2016 engaging in Twitter disputes attempting to dissuade Christians for voting for the then presidential candidate, Donald Trump — recently joined feminist and lady-preacher, Annie Downs’ podcast to trash people who engage in Twitter disputes because of some insecurity they have and a need to be in a fight.

Russell Moore, who during the podcast compared people who stand up for the truth to people who practice sexual immorality, responded to a question by Downs who asked him how we engage in online disputes when both sides seem like they have well-researched viewpoints.

“Well, I actually think that that doesn’t happen very often where what you have is an argument over a point of view on something where people are saying ‘you think this and I think that,'” Moore says. “That’s what the theater of it is. That’s what the pretense of it is. But in almost every case in our current situation, it’s not that. It’s two people who would be fighting with each other no matter what,” Moore continued.

Of course, he appears to be completely oblivious to his personal attacks on the president for an entire year. Moore personally chooses not to engage his critics because his progressive viewpoints cannot be defended or substantiated by the Scriptures. He knows this — this is why he labels people who disagree with him as “contentious” or “quarrelsome.” Nobody is allowed to question or criticize him or his unbiblical viewpoints. It’s the same tactics the Democrats use in politics.

“Then the issues are then chosen — that’s the second step of it. So the issues are just the arena in which they’re fighting but the actual thing is ‘you think you’re better than me?” I mean, that’s what I think 99 percent of the sort of social media uh uh kind of disputes that go on — and a lot of the other disputes. That’s really what it is. ‘You think you’re better than me? You’re not.’ … I’ve never met anybody who has changed his or her view about anything because of seeing a Twitter fight or a Facebook thread.”

Actually, they do. Thanks to several years of Twitter disputes by critics of people like Russell Moore, many have woken up to the influx of leftism in the Church that undermines the mission and the gospel.

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