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Southern Baptist Pastor Who Endorsed Joe Biden Has Ministry License Revoked



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Last week, we reported that a young Southern Baptist pastor and student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary announced that he, along with other Southern Baptist pastors, planned to release a joint statement endorsing the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-religious freedom presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The kid, David Bumgardner, had served as an intern at Faith Memorial Baptist Church in Archer City, Texas where he was licensed by Avery Sprey, the senior pastor.

According to a report at The Baptist Standard, Bumgardner has now had his license revoked due not to his endorsement of a horrific political candidate hell-bent on turning this country into a further godless nation, but because, according to Sprey, his social media interactions did not “promote gospel unity.”

According to the report, Bumgardner acknowledged that his social media interactions were provocative, but he did not view them to be “wicked” or “sinful.” To be fair, his social media interactions are not the problem — his political views are. Bumgardner, however, insists that he was disciplined because of his political views. If that is the case, then Sprey was right to revoke his license.

According to the report, Sprey went to Bumgardner’s home to confront him and to tell him that he wasn’t going to renew his license. Bumgardner, who obviously doesn’t understand the purpose of church discipline, insisted that Sprey seek to discipline someone else who is not a member of Faith Memorial. Sprey rightly told him that was a no-go.

Bumgardner says he will continue his ministry of “public theology” and “itinerant preaching” despite the fact his license has been revoked and that he is currently in the process of transferring his membership to another Southern Baptist Church that is okay with his pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-religious freedom political endorsements.


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[…] Southern Baptist Pastor Who Endorsed Joe Biden Has Ministry License Revoked […]

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