Psychiatry Now Confirms that “Gender Reassignment” Surgery Has No Mental Health Benefits


One of the major pushes in the LGBTQ movement has been not only to allow, but in some cases, force us to accept “gender reassignment” surgery because, well, it let’s people “be who they are” and “feel better about themselves”, therefore reducing mental health disorders and suicides. It’s been the long-standing mantra of the pro-transgender movement.

Now, a major correction has been made in a major psychiatric medical journal which corrects that claim — there are no mental health benefits to surgery.

According to Public Discourse, a major correction has been issued by the American Journal of Psychiatry in it’s October 2019 study, titled “Reduction in mental health treatment utilization among transgender individuals after gender-affirming surgeries: a total population study,” which retracts its previous primary conclusion and now provides a corrected conclusion stating that in fact “the data showed no improvement after surgical treatment.”

The push by major psychiatric and psychology journals to affirm such “gender reassignment” surgeries has long been known to be political and cultural, rather than scientific. Gender dysphoria, itself, is a mental illness that needs treatment. While the Christian religion offers the only hope for people who act in rebellion against God in such ways that are in line with their fallen nature — such as sexual aberrancy — we know that most people do not seek relief through repentance and faith.

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However, this is not an excuse for the scientific community to falsify information and affirm such sick behavior as something that could be corrected by body mutiliation.

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