As NC Governor Shutdown Gyms, NC Unemployment Office Says Gym Owner Not Eligible for Benefits


As North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper, shut down the entire state, including gyms, bars, and salons, one gym owner was determined to be “ineligible” for unemployment benefits by the state because, according to them, his reason for unemployment “was not due to COVID-19.”

Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, published the letter on Twitter this morning but left off the person’s personal information. Some called into question the credibility of the letter, but the gym owner quickly jumped in informing that he was the recipient of this letter.


Richard Hooten says he is the gym owner and that he will post the full letter shortly.

Hooten says that he even lost this on appeal.

“You can’t make this up,” Lt. Governor, Dan Forest said, “People who work at gyms were denied unemployment benefits by the Cooper Administration because their ‘separation from employment… was not due to COVID19.'”

This is the mindset of tyrants like Roy Cooper. Their priority is on exerting and maintaining their power while doing little, if anything, to protect the people they are directly hurting with their Draconian policies.

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