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Farewell, Liberty University. After Falwell Resigns, Liberty University Goes Woke.


The social justice movement is a relentless and unforgiving movement that has one goal, to go woke. The movement will accomplish its goal and makes no qualms about the casualties it takes out as it rampages through institutions from federal agencies to Christian denominations.

Jerry Falwell Jr., the former president of the largest Christian university in America, Liberty University, was a lot of things, but one thing he was not was woke. And Falwell, apparently, was the one thing standing in the way of the social justice movement’s devouring of the school. Now that Falwell has resigned amid allegations and evidence of serious misconduct, there is no one to stand in the way of Liberty’s demise.

Falwell was an avid supporter of Donald Trump. If you haven’t seen already, Donald Trump has been more of a friend to the Christian world — despite his unreliable testimony himself — than many of our church leaders today. Trump has defended churches against lower government intrusion into religious freedom and just recently, Trump denounced Critical Race Theory and ordered federal agencies to cease and desist all promotion of it. This is a move that should be made by church leaders like Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary. But they won’t.

Falwell tends to take a similar position as Donald Trump when it comes to social justice. While the genuineness of either Trump or Falwell’s faith is questionable, at best, both men seem to have a better grasp on general revelation than most Evangelical leaders do. Falwell, like Trump, was not a fan of wokeness. And the progressives in the Church didn’t like it.

But now that that obstacle is out of the way, Liberty University recently held a workshop called “Unconscious Bias: A Current Conversation” as part of its Psychology program.

The workshop, according to its website, was designed to make you aware of your inner biases, which, of course, include your unconscious racism, sexism, and pretty much any kind of biased “ism” you can think of. In other workds, it’s going to help you become “woke.”

Are you dissatisfied with your misperceptions? Maybe the status quo? Develop a deep awareness of various unconscious biases and how they influence service and relationships. Unconscious bias will be addressed from the levels of self-awareness, peer-awareness, and community-awareness.

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So while Falwell certainly had his issues — and probably had no business running a Christian university — the man certainly kept the pendulum from swinging in the complete opposite direction into the total abyss of social justice. That pendulum starting swinging back in March — before Falwell was gone — but now that the weight has been taken off, you can rest assured that Liberty University will join the ranks of other Evangelical institutions that have given up their first love of teaching according to the Scriptures and fallen into the deep and dark captivity of vain philosophies and empty deceit.

Farewell, Liberty University.

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