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The “Systemic Racism” Emperor Has no Clothes



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The delusional left continues to try to paint a portrait in America that systemic racism, or systemic injustice against primarily black Americans, is a pervasive evil that must be stopped at all costs. They continue to use this fairy tale to excuse and justify horrific actions against the general public and particularly, white, conservative Americans they label “privileged” despite any factual basis grounded in reality for doing so.

America is far from perfect, but America is not a systemically racist country and in fact, because of America’s propensity toward the fair and equal treatment of all people, no unjust and unconstitutional system has been able to stand. There is no other country in the world that is more devoted to “justice for all” than America, none. The myth of systemic racism and the mantra of “black lives matter” is nothing more than an emperor without clothes.

The problem is, that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. Today, far too many people believe the lie of systemic racism. The truth, itself, is now “racist” to speak and defending the country is considered “hate.”

“Truth is always considered hate by those who hate the truth.”

The reality is that racism does exist in this country. And while it is not systemic, it is pervasive. And that pervasive racism isn’t against black people or brown people. That racism comes from the left and is aimed primarily at white people. To make matters worse, any conservative people of color who support Donald Trump have been stripped of their “blackness” by the left and are now lumped in with white people. And to them, it isn’t just your skin color that makes you white, it is your conservatism. Like Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor, Jarvis Williams, said, “whiteness isn’t about biology, it’s about an ideology,” and leftist Evangelical race-baiter, Ekemini Uwan declared, “whiteness is wickedness.”

Yet, to this day, there is no support for the claim of systemic racism against blacks by white people, by law enforcement, or by any system of government. A case could certainly be made for the contrary position, but that is for a different article. While there are certainly individual instances of racism, there is no logical argument that can possibly stand against the truth: that the vast majority of racism is directed toward white people and the vast majority of hate crimes is commited against conservatives.

Here is the latest example. This is pure, unadulterated racism; absolute hatred of white person. The depravity it takes to pull something like this off — then to sit around and film it and laugh about it — is mind-boggling. Nevertheless, this is the kind of true and actual racism taking place in America — and this is the kind of racism that must be met with the full force of the gospel.

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