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Kamala Harris Says “Everyone Beware,” these Riots “are Not Going to Let Up, and They Should Not”


If you want a sneak peak at what a Biden/Harris presidency would look like, just look at the streets of Kenosha, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and other major cities that have been rioting, murdering, vandalizing, and causing chaos for the last several months.

Since the first protests sparked in Minneapolis after the George Floyd suicide, which has now been proven to the case that his death was falsely blamed on the police, leftists have started a movement calling for the complete dismantling of Western Civilization. Using criminal tactics such as looting, stealing, and burning down businesses, these leftists have caused more destruction in a few short months than many major terrorist attacks have caused in third world nations. The chaos is unthinkable in America — but has now become a reality.

Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, are on board with this chaos — they approve of it. They have no desire to see it end because, for them, it helps usher in the Communist power the left so deeply desire. They hate small business, they hate the middle class, and they hate the fact that the average American has the freedom to speak out against them. And they want it all to end.

Kamala Harris, in response to the lack of coverage in the leftist media of the riots and chaos causing destruction around America, says that these riots “are not going to end” either before election day, or after election day. “They are not going to let up, and they should not. And we should not.” Harris says that this is a “movement” that “everyone should take note of.”

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