User Asks Netflix if They Support Pedophilia, Netflix Says They Respect “All Religions”


Netflix, who notoriously does not respect all values, traditions, and cultures by repeatedly banning conservative and Christian content from its platform, was approached by a customer who asked the question, “How does a movie sexualizing children get approved?”

Unsurprisingly, Netflix responds in defense by citing their tolerance and diversity policy which, for whatever reason, leads them to believe that that excuses them from promoting and airing pedophlia propaganda on the platform. When asked if they “support pedophlia,” Netflix responds that they respect “all religions, and their cultures, traditions, and values.”

The question was in response to a program airing on Netflix called Cuties that promotes the sexualization of a young girl who is in rebellion against her conservative parents. Currently, there is a petition on with over 100 thousand signatures calling for the program to be removed from Netflix.

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TRENDING:  Black Lives Matter "Demands an Apology" From Pat Robertson and the "Christian Right"

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