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Los Angeles Public Schools Already Teaching #BlackLivesMatter Curriculum in Online Schools



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We all knew that it was coming, but what we didn’t know is that public schools would be so blatant and open about it. Under normal circumstances, teachers and schools are protected by a shield of secrecy that protects them from criticism and hides their activism behind the doors of their kids’ classrooms. But now, public schools are emboldened by the recent outbreak of leftist activism around the country and, in the midst of the coronavirus shutdowns, public schools and teachers are pushing leftist Marxist propaganda right into the homes of their students, right in front of their parents, and there is nothing you can do about it.

In this video, you can see a concerned father in Los Angeles complaining about the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA propaganda that is already being pushed into his children’s curriculum through online schooling. The father, Matt Moss, says he contacted the principal of the school and the principal told him flat out that they were working with Black Lives Matter.


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