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9Marks Leaders Says Pro-Nazi Candidates Off Limits But Pro-Abortion Candidates are Fine


9Marks, better known as 9Marx, is an Evangelical Marxist organization founded by Southern Baptist pastor, Mark Dever and its sole purpose is to convert Evangelicals into social justice activists and, primarily, Democrat voters.

9Marks is responsible for advancing the narrative that white cops are out to kill black kids and has even used the coronavirus to stoke the fires of racial division in the Church. And, repeatedly, 9Marks has attempted to make the case that voting for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-Christ Democrats is perfectly acceptable for Christians.

One of 9Marks’ leaders, Jonathan Leeman, actually tried to make the case that it is perfectly understandable that Christians could vote for pro-abortion Democrat candidates but pro-Nazi candidates is simply “beyond the pale.”

Really, this should come as no surprise since Mark Dever himself has stated that he doesn’t believe that Democrat-sanctioned abortion is as bad as Hitler’s Germany. The point is that they don’t actually care about abortion — they are mission-focused. Just like the Democrat party, they will do “whatever it takes” to accomplish their socialist agenda. This is why 9 Marks has admitted that identity politics is an ally and even teach Sunday School classes on social justice, identity politics, and white privilege.

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