Southern Baptist Leader Likes Post Endorsing Pro-Abortion, Pro-Transgender Biden/Harris Ticket


Ron Burns — better known by his Islamic Black Nationalist name — Thabiti Anyabwile, is a Southern Baptist pastor and an author at Mark Dever’s 9Marks ministry as well as The Gospel Coalition. Anyabwile recently denounced his faith in favor of “black solidarity” because he, like all people who have succumbed to the temptation of self-preservation served up by the vain philosophies of social justice, decided he would be safer that way.

Anyabwile recently garnered the applause of Evangelical leaders who like to pretend they’re apolitical when, in fact, they are leftists whose sole purpose in life is to guilt conservatives into abstaining from voting conservatively when he tweeted out that being “politically homeless” is “one of the best things” that could happen to Christians.

Of course, this notion is absurd on the face of it and is, once again, nothing more than an attempt to move conservatives away from conservative politics and embrace the social justice movement of the left. What Anyabwile means by “politically homeless” does not mean that one should be untied from a particular political party. What he means by this is that one should not embrace the ideas of either of the major political parties and, instead, treat both political parties as equally aberrant and embrace some form of “third way.” The only problem is, this “third way” that they seek to embrace is nothing more than repackaged Democrat politics with a new name.

Look no further than the And Campaign to see what we mean. This third way embraces “choice” in abortion with, instead of the government limiting the evil of abortion, it financially subsidizes fornication. This third way embraces open-borders and illegal immigration and amnesty. It embraces wealth-redistribution, welfare, and free healthcare. And proponents of the third way don’t want to be called Democrats, so they, instead, call themselves “politically homeless” and sob and lament as they embrace the political candidate that most closely identifies with their beliefs — Democrats.

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And that’s exactly what Anyabwile is doing. Anyabwile, who once endorsed Bernie Sanders as the “best” candidate for black Americans has now embraced the most pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ Democrat ticket in all of American history.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, however, as Anyabwile has consistently pushed for Democrat policies such as reparations, doing away with the Second Amendment, and has hijacked the pro-life movement to now include social justice and welfare for people based on their skin color. He has endorsed marching with violent anarchist groups to oppose law enforcement and has partnered with Obama staffers to do so, himself.

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