North Carolina High School Sports Slated to Start Practice November 4, Day After Election


If you don’t think the coronavirus pandemic is political, and North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper hasn’t done everything in his power to stay in power in the midst of it, you are naive. Roy Cooper is a tyrant who cares nothing for the people of North Carolina and, instead, is in love with his power. And he’s enlisted every leftist institution in the state to help him stay in power — including the school system.

Keeping people in a perpetual state of fear and advertising yourself as the only one able to fix their problem is the oldest and best method of retaining power in the world. It is how the Communists do it and it is how Democrats in the United States do it. This is what Cooper has done — and so many whiny, crybaby leftists have groveled at the man’s feet for stripping away our freedoms to keep them “safe” from the virus.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

The public school system in North Carolina is one of the furthest left institutions in the state. And the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) is playing politics with the coronavirus in an effort to keep the leftists in power. According to ABC11, the NCHSAA will allow high school sports to resume on November 4.

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Que Tucker, Commissioner of the NCHSAA says sports can resume November 4, day after election

Now, this begs the question: what is special about November 4? Is this the day that the state will finally reach herd immunity for the coronavirus?

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November 4 is the day of the presidential election and, subsequently, the same day as the gubernatorial election in North Carolina. In other words, once the election is over, the leftists will no longer have any use for the coronavirus pandemic and life can resume as normal.

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People, we need to open our eyes.

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