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John MacArthur: Welcome to Our ‘Peaceful Protest’


As the left continues its purge of religious freedoms across America, rioting, looting, and violent anarchy have taken over the streets of once-great American cities. In the name of “public health,” leftists have launched a war against the right to worship God freely — which is given to us by God and affirmed in the Constitution of the United States — while continuing to allow the chaos in the streets to go unchecked.

In the middle of this war on Christianity stands John MacArthur — a pastor who has faithfully stood against the tyranny of leftist government and the spiritual attack of leftist Christianity from men like Gavin Ortlund and Mark Dever. MacArthur, despite the fact that most Evangelical leaders have betrayed him, has proven that he is willing to please God rather than man.

MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, has not only been threatened by his government with closure of his building, shutting off the utilities, and fines — he’s even been threatened with arrest and jail time for continuing to hold worship services against the government’s orders. MacArthur has yet to budge.

Now, MacArthur is using the left’s own tactics against them. In an ironic, yet comical way, MacArthur opens up Sunday morning’s service by announcing “welcome to our peaceful protest.” Playing against the left’s tactics — that the unchecked rioting in the streets in America are “peaceful protests” that should not be interfered with — MacArthur brilliantly exposes the hypocrisy of the left with this one statement.

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