ERLC #ChurchToo Leader Turns the Resurrection Into a Marxist “Dismantling of Systems”


Susan Codone is a professor at Mercer University and a contributor to the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and a member of the ERLC council. Codone has endorsed several false teachers, including Beth Moore along with two highly pro-homosexual activists Jen Hatmaker and the deceased Rachel Held Evans.

What she’s doing working and contributing in a denomination that is supposed to be conservative is hard to understand. There really is only one explanation — that denomination is no longer conservative and has exchanged the truth for lies.

“I came not to fulfill the law, but to dismantle it…” — things Jesus never said.

Yet, Susan Codone, the face of the Southern Baptist Convention’s #ChurchToo movement, suggests that it is:

Of course, anyone with a modicum of biblical integrity would know that this is a complete twisting of the Scriptures and the purpose of God. It is, in fact, blasphemous to attempt to remodel the purpose of the resurrection to somehow suit the modern Zeitgeist of social justice in the culture.

The resurrection did not dismantle any systems — it brought in a new Kingdom. All of the old systems still exist and, if anything, are increasingly gaining in popularity. Judaism, other false religions, Paganism, postmodernism, atheism — they are still here and will not be gone until the second coming when every knee will bow.

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It should worry some, however, that those who believe that Jesus’ resurrection was for the purpose of “dismantling systems” are most likely a part of the “system” that will be destroyed when Jesus returns.

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