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SBC Re-brands Website, Removes “Southern Baptist Convention” From Name on Page



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Amid the Southern Baptist Convention’s never-ending image campaign and quest for ongoing “repentance” from its pro-slavery past, the denomination has apparently re-branded its website to remove the name “Southern Baptist Convention” completely, and replace it with “SBC.”

As you can see in the screenshot below, as of July, the sbc.net website looked like the following, with the full name, Southern Baptist Convention, clearly heralded. You can see it for yourself at the Wayback Machine archives.

Now, the website has removed the name and replaced it with “SBC” instead, looking like the screenshot below:

In fact, the phrase “Southern Baptist Convention” is found nowhere on the page except for a tiny, fine print copyright notice at the very bottom of the page footer. One can only suspect that, had it not been for legal purposes, that would likely be removed as well.

Southern Baptists around the country have been pushing for a re-branding of the denomination in an effort to erase its history and become more racially “diverse.” Some Southern Baptist voices never get tired of calling on the denomination to repent, and every year at the annual meeting, repenting of racism becomes a primary topic of discussion, debate, and resolutions.


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