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Southern Baptist President Disbands His Megachurch in Wake of COVID-19 Outbreak



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Infamous Southern Baptist Convention president, J.D. Greear, is notorious for his controversial leadership style, promotion of anti-biblical philosophies, and the advancement of social justice ideologies such as intersectionality and identity politics. Greear has been a staunch proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement — though he says he doesn’t support the organization, his church has marched alongside them while chanting their Marxist slogans.

Greear has stated that it’s fine for Christians to vote for pro-abortion Democrat candidates as he patronizes black people. And, in the wake of the George Floyd riots, he has urged Christians to ignore facts and statistics and instead, stand in solidarity with the faux Black Lives Matter movement.

Greear has compromised on homosexuality, giving standing ovations to an ex-lesbian lady-preacher who has no other qualifications to the ministry except for her sin, has stated that homosexuality isn’t as big of a deal to God as greed, has called on Christians to stand up for LGBTQ rights, and says we should use the “preferred pronouns” of people who are confused about their sexuality, referring to it as “pronoun hospitality.” J.D. Greear has single-handedly caused conservative churches to leave the denomination.

Now, after sending his church out to march with pro-gay militant anarchy groups and anti-police rioters, Greear has announced that he will be disbanding his church for the remainder of the year — while still unlawfully serving as president of the largest Protestant denomination in the country.

Instead of The Summit Church being 12,000 people meeting in 12 different locations on the weekend, now we are going to be about 15,000 people meeting in about 2,400 locations,” Greear stated during the Summit Church’s “virtual meeting” on Tuesday.

First, churches without elders are not churches. Elders must be qualified and called by the church to serve in such capacity. The vast majority of home churches do not meet this standard and are, therefore, not churches.

Secondly, “virtual church” is not church. With the absence of pastors and elders to hear the needs and personally lead their flock, it cannot function as a church. The saints cannot be edified if they are not being fed the Word of God from qualified leaders and teachers who rightly handle the text and apply it to the unique needs of the people under their care. It is questionable if Summit Church has any qualified Bible teachers — they certainly do not have 2400.

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Phil Johnson, elder at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church expressed this very concern suggesting that what the Southern Baptist president is doing is the work of a wolf, not a shepherd:

The bottom line is that a church that isn’t organized as a church, doesn’t assemble as a church, and isn’t led by qualified church leaders, isn’t a church. Such a move by such a prominent leader in the denomination should be cause for much concern. This isn’t a move born out of the desire for safety of the congregation, it is a capitulation to leftists who insist that churches are to blame for the spread of the coronavirus. This is part of J.D. Greear’s ongoing image campaign and the rest of us should want nothing at all to do with it.


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